Nike 中国 Unlimited Athletes

Unlike the previous generation, the 'new wave' of Chinese athletes is optimistic, outspoken and uninhibited. By telling the individual stories of China's Olympians Christy Yiu (HK), Su Bingtian, Li Dongna, Zhou Qi and Zhang Guowei we introduced them not just to the country but to the world.


We also established the athletes Wu Haiyan, Zhang Shuai, Yi Jianlian and the 4x100m Relay Team through photo editorials and neatly timed social media Quick-Strikes commencing the weeks prior to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.


CW: Liu Wei & Arlene Lu / AD: Max Pilwat, Tim Cheng & Marc Garreta / CD: Azsa West, Terence Leong / Director: Siri Bunford / Production: Knucklehead / Agency: W+K Shanghai